Baby Memory Box

After my son was born, I was faced with a lot of saved gift boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon from baby showers along with mementos I wanted to save from his early days that didn’t fit into the scrapbook.  My solution?  Memory boxes for keepsakes!

I took a couple of gift boxes that we had – Amazon Gift Boxes are amazingly sturdy!

Next, I added letters to spell out his name and used some animal decals that I had purchased for other projects.  I laid out everything first before gluing it on to get an idea of how to do the spacing, hide scratches on the box, etc.

I did a smaller box that we had as well.

Next I added ribbon that I had left over from my baby shower diaper cakes (note to expectant moms and brides-to-be: SAVE your wrapping paper and ribbons, it usually is pretty fancy and it’s makes for great project supplies later!)

Here is the finished project!  I love it, it currently holds the scrapbooks I am making, his baby growth chart, foot prints from the hospital, newspapers from the day he was born, and a few other special items.

Here is how I used the leftover wrapping paper – I’m planning on using these for closet shelf storage (who can resist care bear wrapping paper?!?!?!).  The remaining wrapping paper is lining Colin’s dresser drawers.


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