Bulletin Board Makeover

At one time, I had wonderful intentions of using a bulletin board in our kitchen to organize our family.  I had it in the perfect spot – right beside the door leading to the garage and it even had a cork board side and a dry erase board side.  I was ready to rock this scheduling/meal planning aspect of our life! ….And, then I never used it and it just became a dumping ground for things that I wanted to save and never looked at again.

I was on Pinterest and saw a couple of Pins that I wanted to incorporate into my kitchen and realized I could easily attack my board with AND use stuff that I had lying around the house (yay, free makeover!).

First, I tackled this idea for a menu board.  This suggestion is awesome, but we didn’t have the space to do a completely separate board – so I did this on  smaller scale for us: http://thestewartestate.blogspot.com/2011/01/menu-board-tutorial.html

For this part, I just cleaned the white board area really well and used scrapbook stickers that I had.  Oh, disclaimer, don’t judge my “menu” for the week! (unless, of course, a frozen skillet meal is your favorite food ever)

Next up, the cork on my cork board section, below the white board, had seen better days.  Additionally, I had been saving wine corks for a while, so I decided to combine the 2!

I cut the corks in half with an old steak knife – cork is surprisingly easy to cut through.  I laid them out before I started gluing them down (I just used tacky glue) to make sure everything fit right.  Just as if you were laying a tile floor, I marked the center of the board and started there when arranging the corks.  Use a pencil to mark where to cut corks for fitting around the edges.  Keep in mind, corks are never identical, so a dry fitting is a must!

Finally, I needed a place to hang my keys and our monthly calendar, as I always was losing my keys and the calendar was always falling off of the push-pin/magnet combo I was using to hold it up – so the last step was to add a few hooks.  I used this idea from Pinterest as my inspiration: http://itsacraftylife.blogspot.com/2011/02/picture-frame-key-holder.html

All I did, after the glue dried, pre-drill a couple of holes where I was needed hooks and attach hooks that we had around the house.  I put 3 hook on the bottom for keys and one hook at the top for our yearly calendar.  Here is the finished product – simple, but I love it and now use it daily for meal-planning, scheduling, and tracking important invitations.


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