Baby Activity Board

Another idea inspired by Pinterest!!!  I am SO excited about this creation.  I was super inspired when I found an activity board on Pinterest for little kids, so I decided to take this on with some of the things that we had around the house.

Here is what inspired me:

Here is what I came up with, I took a little different spin on it with fabric:

The fabric, plain canvas, was free from the “Free Fabric” bin at a local fabric store.  The board was just a spare board we had laying in a closet somewhere, however most hardware stores have a “free scraps” wood bin in the wood cutting area if you need one.  I used a staple gun, which are usually about $15 – $20 and extremely handy, to attach the canvas to the board.

The words, “Fun” and “Play,” were lightly traced on the canvas with a pencil first and then I filled them in with buttons or paint.  With the buttons, I used fun thread colors.

Additionally, “Fun” was outlined with bold thread after the paint dried.  I used the ribbon below it as my inspiration for the colors on the board, so I made sure it was nearby at all times.

I added a zipper, which is both glued and stitched on.  I recommend pulling on the zipper several times and making sure it is well secured to the canvas.  My little guy had fun playing with the zipper in the store when I found it, so I knew this would be a big hit.

I added an empty spool wrapped with ribbon and ribbon loops to hold carabiners (or other things if I want to switch things out).

I had randomly had some extra shoelaces and found wooden beads at Joann Fabrics (my new favorite store).  Tip – definitely make sure these are well secured because they could be a potential choking hazard.

At the top I attached a clip, this is going to be for playing with for now, but I also figured we can clip some things to the board as well (possibly a fun felt project?!?!?! 🙂 ).

My favorite addition to the board is the felt flap that is buttoned on, and can be unbuttoned or lifted up for another picture beneath.  I have recently discovered how amazing (and super cheap) felt is for projects – just a warning, get ready for more felt blog posts!

My son’s absolute favorite addition to the board was the slinky, which I found in the $1 rack at Target.  I glued and stitched the slinky on the board and ran a thread through the center to make sure it actually stayed on the board.

Tip: Make sure everything you attach is sewn and hot glued on.  My son has been enjoying this for the past month and, even though he has small hands, he has quite a strong grip!

I hung the board on our coat closet door in the family room – it has been a great addition and I love how accessible it is for the little one!

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