Diaper Cake

A baby shower staple is a diaper cake, and given that I am finding myself at or helping with more baby showers lately, I have decided to learn how to make them!

For the 1st diaper cake, I was helping my mom with a baby shower next weekend for a baby girl.  As far as “themes” for the nursery, the clues I had to work with was that the baby’s room has pink accents with tan walls and they have her monogram on the wall.  I took the liberty of deciding that light green would be a pretty accent color and flowers and butterflies were good standbys.

For the 2nd diaper cake, this was for a shower for a little boy.  His bedding was “transportation” themed and the colors were blue and green, so we went with that as our shower theme as well.  Argyle ribbon is a good standby for anything “boy” and the “topper” is cute wooden toys from Target.

I usually start with Target brand diapers and matching ribbon to keep the diapers neatly rolled up (rubber bands work well too).  Tip:  Target brand diapers are amazing for diaper cakes – they have fewer chemicals in them than most (so babies won’t be as likely to have a bad reaction to them), they are store brand so they are cheaper than most, AND (the best part) they have adorable blue and green polka dots all over them.  Perfection!

Another tip:  Go for size 1 and/or size 2.  Skip the newborn diapers for the diaper cake because most babies can immediately wear size one diapers, however not every baby will be small enough for the newborn size.

My mountain o’ diapers ready to be caked!!!

Here are the first 2 layers:

I just used rubber bands to hold each layer together.

For the lower 2 layers (I did 4 layers total, which would require 3 small packs of diapers), I placed a pack of wipes in the center.  These aren’t visible from the outside but will help keep the lower layers together and sturdy.

Here are the layers together before I put on the final touches of ribbon and other goodies!

For the final touches, I added small or travel size baby products (baby wash, aquaphor, hand sanitizer, pacis, paci clips, etc.), ribbon, and, for the little girl’s cake, pretty sparkly butterflies.  On other diaper cakes, I’ve seen or used baby socks, spoons, bibs, and small toys as super easy add-ons.  My best advice is to keep it small.  The topper, which you can see in the last posted pic, is a small ball (my son has one of these balls and loves it!).

I wrapped the ribbon around each layer to cover the rubber bands and used hot glue to attach the ends.  I had some extra ribbon, so I made a couple of bows and attached them with hot glue.

I found pretty card stock and cut out the baby’s monogram.  When it comes to weddings and babies, I love incorporating monograms as much as possible!  I glued in on matching card stock and threaded that onto the ribbon for the top layer.

Finished product!


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