LATT Table Design

For my son’s 1st birthday, I wanted to get him a little table and chairs set since he seemed to enjoy a friend’s so much.

Here is what the LATT Table normally looks like from IKEA –

Since the wood is unstained and unpainted, I decided to take the opportunity to come up with a fun paint design.  A friend showed me this on Pinterest:

I LOVED the painted stripes so I adapted it for my table.  For mine, I wanted a base color instead of the wood, so I painted the pieces light blue.

I had to creatively hang the pieces to dry in stages while painting-

Next, I taped off the pieces with delicate surface painters’ tape in the design I wanted.  I was careful to line up the pieces in the manner that they would be positioned once assembled.  I wanted the pattern to run through the chairs and table uniformly.

Next up, time to paint!  I used dark red for most of the stripes and did one dark brown stripe.  All of this paint was left over from other projects I did around the house.  Since it was finished with polyurethane, I wasn’t as worried about having a high gloss paint finish and was able to just use whatever I had.

Note – You WILL have to do touch ups after you remove the tape from pretty much any project like this, clearly, as you can see below, mine was no exception.


OK, time for touch-ups!  After everything dried, I taped the edges on the stripes, used a very small paint brush for detail work, and painted with my blue base color to polish the edges better.  It worked great!  Then I painted the pieces with a coat of polyurethane (I did 2 coats on the stripe sections) to make everything more durable for the abuse it would likely take from my son.  Then- I assembled it all based on the instructions!


The verdict?  My son LOVES it – it has accommodated his needs perfectly!


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