My Life Made Greener – Composting 101

This time of year, I tend to get back into rebuilding my compost pile.  Composting is one of the best ways to get higher quality soil for your gardens AND it will reduce your trash output, both reasons why I started composting.  Also, it’s a convenient place to dump yard trash.

There are some pretty cool compost bins out there if you wanted to go that route.  I’m, admittedly, a lazy composter and a cheap one at that.  Growing up, my dad had a giant bin made of wire fencing for his compost.  I made a smaller version from about $5 with of wire fence material from Lowe’s.  We keep it in the natural area at the back of the yard.


1 – Get or make a simple container for your compost materials.  Store it away from the house (do not keep it near your back door).

2 – Add compost material & add some cow manure to start the decomposition process

3 – Once a week or so, turn over the compost pile materials to blend the materials and (if it is open air like mine) to prevent your compost materials from sprouting plants from your scraps with seeds!


You can compost anything uncooked that doesn’t have any animal/meat products or fat added.  All of your fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, and yard scraps from mowing the grass or raking leaves can go right in.

Got any fruit or veggies that went bad before you could eat them? Perfect!  In fact, it’s already starting to decompose, so it is extra perfect.

Quick tip – Keep a large bowl handy in the kitchen during meal prep.  Everything that is suitable for composting, throw it right in and dump it into the compost bin during post-meal clean-up.  This makes life easier when you are cooking as well, easy place to throw stuff while chopping without having to run to the trash can a million times.

Here is my sweet little compost bin!

Happy Composting!!


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