Quiet Book

I’ve seen a ton of adorable ideas on Pinterest for Quiet Books, so I wanted to tackle one for my son, who is 1 1/2 yrs old.  He loves the other felt toys I’ve made thus far for him, and the quiet book has been a hit too!


The letters detach and attach with Velcro.  I’m debating on attaching these to the page with ribbon, but haven’t done it yet.  I got the idea from this pin on Pinterest.  Also, this is where I got the pattern for the elephant.

Page 2:

I think this is my favorite page (and my son’s too!).  It was also the easiest page to assemble.  I love using buttons for accents and they are really fun for kiddos to play with.  Here is my “inspiration pin.

Page 3:

This page is another favorite, and is simple yet adorable.  The ant crawls across the leaf on a ribbon.  I loved all of the ideas from this particular pin, especially for the age I was targeting for this book (age 1-2 yr old).

Page 4:

Chicken and the egg!  My son likes to “quack” at this page (I figure I’ll teach him the difference between chicken and ducks later 🙂 ).  I like that I attached the chick to the page so we don’t risk losing it, though my son likes tugging on it at times.  This is from another quiet book that I really loved.

Page 5:

Mr. Potato Head!  I was concerned about whether or not my toddler would “get” this page or if I was getting a little aggressive with this one.  He surprised me!  Since we have been working on learning facial features, he actually really loved this page.  Here was my inspiration pin.

Page 6:

My son has gotten excited about shoes, probably because it means that we are going somewhere.  This was my (weak) attempt at a “chuck” style shoe.  I based this page on this blog I found (which, has a ton of ideas for various pages).


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